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Does My Website Content Really Matter?

A Primer for Lawyers

Oct. 26, 2023
By Willie Plaschke – Legalfit Content Editor
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“Stories are how we learn best. We absorb numbers and facts and details, but we keep them all glued into our heads with stories.” —Chris Brogan, Author & Marketing Consultant 

As businesses across the country strive to end the year strong, law firms are no different. Attorneys often wonder: how do we stand apart from the pack? Are we reaching the communities we want to reach and forming meaningful connections with potential clients? How do we leverage our legal knowledge to make an impact? What’s working, and what isn’t? 

Think of your marketing efforts—and your law practice itself—as a story. Whether you practice family law, criminal defense, estate planning, or anything else, your web presence is the vehicle by which your story, and by extension your brand, is told. 

It should come as no surprise that the content on your website plays a role in your brand. But how much does your content really matter to your audience? With so many numbers and facts and details vying for our attention, you need to be able to cut through the chatter and engage with potential clients in an impactful way. The quality of your content makes a difference. 

Why Content Really Matters

Every single day, you strive to build a brand and a reputation you are proud to call your own. You are the foundation of your law practice, and content is the foundation of your website. Content is important for both your practice and your website. Here’s why: 

It Bolsters Trust From Your Clients 

In this industry, trust is power—and cultivating trust with potential clients is key. Content on your website that educates in an engaging, accessible way helps build trust and bridge the gap between you and your target clientele. Stories are meant to be shared, and effective branding is all about crafting a trustworthy tale.  

One way to cultivate trust is to create a content generation strategy that focuses on answering common questions your clients have. Readers of quality content trust that you know what you’re talking about, and so they decide to contact you for their next steps. They decide to turn the page. 

It Affects Your Web Presence 

For now, Google is the most popular website on earth. With nearly 100,000 Google searches conducted every second, content that is optimized for Google leads to more clicks and more clients. From bio blurbs to blog posts to practice area pages, content allows your site to stand out from the competition and rank higher on search results. Is your content robust, helpful, and clear? Are keywords and geotargets used effectively? Does your content meet Google’s E-A-T standards (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)? Google rewards sites that have rich content. 

How to Optimize Content

More than ever before, lawyers are laser-focused on crafting stories that engage their target audiences and compel potential clients to reach out to their firm. Using content services that provide practice area pages and blog posts tailored to your goals and optimized for Google is key. 

Targeted Monthly Topics 

Have blog topics that align with the types of cases you want by developing topics that will drive traffic and conversions. Update practice area pages and blog posts monthly to boost visibility among your local and national competitors. This is how you keep your target audience engaged in your story, month after month. 

SEO Optimization 

Ensure your content is built using industry-leading SEO standards. Focus on the kinds of cases you want to handle and what geographical areas you want to target—then optimize your website and your website’s content with these goals in mind. Make sure your content eliminates legal jargon in favor of helpful and accessible communication with your intended audience. It’s SEO with a human touch. 

Customizable Strategy 

Has your law firm shifted its practice area emphasis? Do you desire a more casual, or more formal, tone to your content? Occasionally you’ll need to make changes to your content strategy - and that means adapting to the Search Engine industry, too. Always make sure your content is up to speed with Google’s ever-evolving algorithm and other ripples in the tech industry. 

How Will You Tell Your Story?

Your legal practice is all about making a difference. So, ask yourself: do you want to integrate content into your marketing strategy? Do you want to build a strong, long-lasting online presence? A content plan can help. Your legal story—where you came from, where you are headed, and how you can help others along the way—is a story worth being told.  

Our team at Legalfit is here to reflect your personality, your goals, and your values, and above all, help you tell your story. Contact us today for your digital marketing strategy review. 

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