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Content Generation & Link Building

Attract Qualified Leads With Expert Content & Link Building

Get the benefit of expert-level content – with your input – but without the time required to write it yourself. Our expert copywriters and link builders work with your firm’s subject matter experts to create compelling content that educates your clients, builds domain authority, and drives practice-specific leads.

Generate more qualified traffic with Content Generation for law firms 

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Content Generation and Link Building is a cornerstone of any solid digital marketing strategy. Relevant and well written content adds search optimization value to your site, while showcasing your legal expertise and strengthening your brand.

Legalfit’s Content Generation paired with Link Building quickly creates trust with Google through the creation of relevant links from trustworthy sites – leading to a higher ranked site in Google results pages.

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Increase Practice Area Specific Visitors 

A content focus on answering common questions and concerns for specific case types helps potential clients find your website and feel confident in contacting you for the next steps.  

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Build Your Reputation

Having content that educates potential clients on your areas of expertise and your legal experience grows your reputation and increases the likelihood of potential clients contacting you.

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Increase Domain Authority 

Domain authority is a score that helps understand how Google ranks websites. Adding high-quality content on a monthly basis is a proven successful SEO strategy that increases domain authority and trust with Google, and ultimately helps you rank higher in search.

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More Content Generation & Link Building Benefits

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Clear Objectives

We constantly vet the partner network to ensure we only work with legitimate websites. Backlink strategies relying on spam websites may be cheaper but do not produce the same results. 

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SEO Writing Strategy

Having a topic selected isn't enough to increase visitors to your website. We combine our data with industry-leading SEO standards to further optimize your content.

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Industry Leading Link Strategy 

For each link you receive, our team implements keyword-rich anchor text, research statistics, data to cite, and other proven strategies! 

FAQs About Content Generation & Link Building 

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