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Best Marketing Investments to Build Your Law Firm Brand 

May 20, 2024
By Karen O. Gray, Esq. | Legalfit General Manager
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As consumers turn to the internet for basically everything — from looking up medical advice, to shopping, to finding a good lawyer — it's imperative that your law firm has a solid online presence so you can be found. Here’s some guidance for how to maximize your digital marketing investment for your law firm. 

Put your law firm’s website to work 

Research shows that 21% of people in the U.S. use the internet to find a local business each day. Having a website is step one for engaging with these potential clients. But a high-performance website can take your practice to the next level.  

Think of your website as the digital door to your firm, where you welcome prospective clients and communicate how your firm can help them. Here are some key elements of a powerful website. 

Search engine optimization 

SEO is all about maximizing your website so that search engines understand your content and prospective clients discover you. The more optimized your site is, the more visible it will be to prospects by ranking higher on search engine results pages. 

Content that tells your story 

When it comes to conveying your firm’s identity, your website’s content is your best friend. At a minimum, your website content should convey: 

  • Who your firm is. An “about us” page tells your firm’s origin story and shares your team’s expertise and credentials. 

  • What you offer. Think of this as a descriptive menu of services that visitors can read to determine if you offer what they need. 

  • How you work. Give prospective clients a sense of your process, how you communicate with clients, and how approachable you are. 

  • How to contact you. Make it easy and welcoming for visitors to get in touch with you via contact forms, email, and phone. 

Design for a positive user experience 

Visiting your website should be a pleasant experience for users. Your site should be designed with their needs in mind and help them find what they’re looking for. Among many elements, you’ll want a site that is: 

  • Easy to navigate 

  • Visually appealing 

  • Organized intuitively 

  • Quick to load 

  • Helpful 

Building a website that meets these best practices creates a solid foundation for marketing your law firm, but it doesn’t come with a “build it, and they will come” guarantee. Implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy will help you take advantage of several opportunities to build your business. 

Comprehensive digital marketing boosts your brand 

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy can accomplish more for your firm than a website alone. This type of comprehensive approach increases your: 

  • Visibility and reach   

  • Credibility and trust   

  • Competitive advantage    

  • Client engagement and communications 

Adding the following components to your strategy gives prospects multiple ways to find and engage with you online. 

Business information management 

Local business directories and Google Business Profiles are key to being found in local searches on Google. Make sure your firm’s information is always accurate for the best search results. 

Content generation 

Quality, compelling content can be a powerhouse for your firm’s marketing efforts.  

  • Content that answers your audience’s questions builds trust and credibility, increasing their likelihood of contacting you. 

  • Consistently adding content to your site and implementing a link-building strategy helps increase your domain authority and performance in search results. 

  • Useful content helps prospective clients feel confident in contacting you, therefore driving leads

Pay-per-click advertising 

To generate more leads and ultimately more business, you need more traffic to your site. Strategic pay-per-click campaigns can quickly generate qualified leads based on your ideal client. You pay for top spots in Google search results, and you can track your ROI based on the clicks you get to your site and leads generated. 

Local service ads 

Local service ads can be a cost-effective way to reach local leads. Your contact information is listed in search results for local services, and you pay only when prospects contact you directly. 

Social media management 

Use your firm’s social media profiles to create positive first impressions with your target audience. Social media offers another platform on which to communicate your firm’s identity and engage with potential clients. 

Paid social media campaigns 

Social media advertising allows you to target specific types of audiences to generate higher quality leads. Your prospects are likely on social media anyway, so this ad strategy meets them where they are. 

How to manage your digital marketing strategy 

Legal industry-specific websites and digital marketing strategies are crucial to your law firm’s success. But implementing the robust strategy outlined above and monitoring its effectiveness is complex and time-consuming. 

Legalfit, a Centerbase company, can do it all for you. We are the preferred website and digital marketing service platform exclusively focused on law firms. We create your online presence by cultivating a strong digital presence with the solutions covered above, and more. Learn how you can enhance your lead generation and online presence by contacting us below. 


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