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Local Services Ads provide businesses with a cost-effective way to advertise their services and reach new customers. Local Service Ads is Google's first pay-per-lead program, and it is drastically different than their longstanding Google Ads pay-per-click model. This program has shown a great return on investment for multiple industries, including the legal field!

Your firm can lead
the Google results

Newest Google
Google's Newest Marketing Program

Google launched Local Service Ads in late 2020, making it still relatively new among the web marketing community. Your firm can be one of the first businesses in your area to take advantage of this program — providing a potential advantage over your competitors.

Pay For Leads
Pay for Leads — Not Clicks

Google Ads has a pay-per-click model, meaning not everyone who clicks on your ad is going to contact your firm. Google approaches this new program by having potential clients contact you directly from the advertisement, meaning you are paying for leads.

Prestigious Google Screen Badge
Prestigious Google Screened Badge

Adding the green checkmark to your LSA listing can work to establish trust and authority with your potential clients. Being Google Screened means your firm passed the extensive background and licensing checks required for Google to verify your business.


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