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Legalfit A Centerbase Company
Fix the issues you can’t see on your law firm’s website.

You paid a service provider to build a website in your firm’s best interest. It may look great – but do you know if it's set up to find the best leads? Finally, have a legal marketing expert analyze your website’s performance in 15 minutes. All for free. Only with Legalfit. 

Get Your Website
Audited for Free

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3 Things You’ll Know After Your Free Website Audit 

Person holding phone to ear while smiling at tablet in hand

3 Things You’ll Know After Your Free Website Audit 


Are you posting the right content for your audience?  

You already know that content makes your site stand out from other firms and attract clients. But is your content relevant and relatable? Is it sufficient in length and scope? Are keywords and geotargets used effectively? If you can’t answer any of these questions, it’s time to get a second opinion.  

Educate Your Clients

Do prospects want your counsel after visiting your website? 

You'll never know what’s keeping potential clients from reaching out if you don’t evaluate your site’s user interface. Is it easy to navigate? What’s the load time for images? How does it look on a cell phone? And you should definitely make sure your website is legally compliant with ADA standards for your prospects with disabilities.  


Are you using SEO the right way
– or the wrong way?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) brings your website to searching prospects. And there’s a right way – as well as a wrong way – to use it. Where do you rank in search results? Do you use PPC landing pages, social media posts, and Local Service Ads? Are your pages organized properly? SEO is exciting – but it needs to be done right.  

Person holding phone to ear while smiling at tablet in hand

Most legal websites can’t pass this
free 15 minute audit.

You’re running a law firm. Not an ad agency. Staying on top of Google’s algorithm updates is
impossible for you. Make sure your marketing provider isn’t letting technicalities slip through
the cracks on your website. Because you already paid for it – now it’s time to make sure it works.  


Questions Firms Asked Before Saying
Yes! to a Website Audit

We’re the experts in getting you practice-specific leads. We handle marketing materials you’re familiar with like content and social media. Plus, the behind-the-scenes jargon you don’t think about. So your website can bring you cherry-picked leads - without you worrying about technicalities.  

Nope! You’ll speak with one of our legal marketing experts for 15 minutes, for free, without being sold to. Why? Because you pour your heart and soul into your practice and clients. Let’s make sure your marketing service provider is doing the same for you. 

If we find an issue with your website, you have two choices. You can take any problems to your current provider and ask them for fixes. Or, you can explore what your relationship with Legalfit would look like and let us fix your website for you. The choice is yours - we're just happy your website is getting the tune-up it needs!

As Your Legal Practice Grows
Your Website Grows With It 

Can your website adapt to everything Google throws at it?  

You offer personalized, one-on-one legal counsel to individuals, families, and businesses. Your digital presence should be approached in the exact same way. Let’s work together to craft a website that works with you, not against you.  

Finally, you only have to worry about your clients – not Google’s algorithm and SEO technicalities. 

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